living it forward so our grand children can live better so their

sustainable design: partnering with the worldwide ecology to maintain the human race in perpetuity

Wikipedia definition of "sustainability:"
the ability to maintain, keep in existence, provide for or nourish something

Sustainable Architecture PLLC definition of "sustainable architecture:"

using all available resources (including people) to optimize quality of life and value for the client through the art and science of designing buildings and other structures while striving to nourish our worldwide support system, as a way to ensure a similar quality of life for our grandchildren and hopefully allow them resources to do the same for their grandchildren

About four decades from now, when the final drops of Saudi Arabian oil crude are pumped out of the ground and the final shovels of Canadian oil putty are dug up, we human beings will be left with whatever meager supplies of natural gas we can force from its hiding place and whatever coal we can burn into the sky, reserves for the super-rich notwithstanding. The latest research indicates the natural gas will run out about the same time oil does. But coal might last almost another century, but with huge environmental and socioeconomic costs. The worldwide struggle for resources will be dramatic. All this presupposes dramatic worldwide conservation to accommodate the burgeoning economies in China, India, etc..
Each post below shows examples of design or methods in which we focus on enhancing quality of life for future generations.