"Design with Nature"

a passive-solar home

The Giese Residence is a passive-solar home in Quitman MS.  Passive solar design allows strategic large areas of glass without negatively impacting energy-efficiency.  The two-story volume is designed to receive solar gain in the wintertime and prohibit it during the summer using sheltering overhangs.  Inexpensive windows and interior finishes allow the winter solar gain to warm the interior gradually through the nighttime hours and reduce utility costs throughout the year, bathing the interior in natural light and allowing uninterrupted views of nature.

Design Drawings
Giese Residence, Quitman MS


a super-insulated passive-solar SIP home

The Swain Residence is a passive-solar structural-insulated-panel (SIP) home in Oxford MS.  SIPs are continuous expanded polystyrene foam sandwiched between plywood or OSB to create a super-insulated home.  First floor wall panels are nominally 20cm(8") thick, second floor wall panels are 14cm(6") thick, and the roof panels are 25cm(10") thick.  Specialized south-facing windows with sheltering overhangs allow direct solar gain only during wintertime when the sun rides lower in the sky while daylighting the home year-round for substantial energy savings.  The 250m^2(2,700sf) home operates on less than 3 tons of HVAC and has utility bills averaging less than $120 per month.

Design Drawings
Swain Residence, Oxford MS

"Backyard Cathedral"

a passive-solar home addition

The Wedge Residence is a passive-solar addition.

Design Drawings
Wedge Residence, Oxford MS